The Blue Lagoon Iceland

I just absolutely loved this experience! It is a tourist locale for sure but it is a popular place in Iceland not NYC. Don’t skip it just because you think there will be a crowd. It is such a unique place! After a couple of prosecco and two hours in the water, I left feeling so relaxed. And, don’t change your plans to go based on the weather. We experienced fog, rain, sleet and sunshine while we were in the lagoon and it was fantastic. The pre swim bathing process was not quite so humiliating as I had expected based on my readings. They just want you and your swimsuit clean before you get in and there are doors on the showers. My “next time I would…” recommendation is to get out, shower, robe, then go dine in the delicious restaurant. It was so interesting to see people eating in a nice, linen napkin kind of place in their robes and wet hair! We are usually not very interested in gift shops but I really enjoyed the gift shop at the Blue Lagoon. I got several souvenirs to bring home to family. Plan for about 4-5 hours for your day at the Blue Lagoon.